Patrick Caulfield

I'll take my life monotonous. I don't think anyone can match Caulfield for economy and atmosphere. I think this is the most evocative of his Jules Laforgue prints, and the only one that is really a landscape. Its also the only one I own.


I would have loved to have caught this, if it hadn't been four decades before my birth (and in Illinois).

Eric Ravilious

These two watercolours are positively heady with atmosphere. I've heard Ravillious's watercolours described as 'almost supernaturally' beautiful; but at the same time they avoid most of the devices associated with conventional beauty and retain a certain charming - near amateur - awkwardness. Mind you, so did Cezanne (although I'd rather have one of these).

Eric Ravilious

A further illustrate of the point above. A charmingly awkward rendering of utilitarian buildings in 'Cement Works'. Look how unresolved the rending of the plume of smoke is. You feel, as Adrian Searle said of Hopper, 'he did not do nature well'; but somehow, as with Nash, it matters less with Ravilious.